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Chuck Taylor All Star Fancy (Black)

I want this monochrome classic shoes

I’ll be perfect for my minimal-normcore pegs lately 


this shirt is everything!

I need this shirt

Ngayon lang Ako nakapag-post ng selfie sa tumblr ulit! Pag bigyan niyo Na hahahha


Cop the Cop

Si Neil Perez , isa sa mga finalist ng Misters of the Philippines 2014  ay isang Police Officer.  Ang tunay niyang pangalan ay  Mariano Flormata Jr. Isa siya sa mga pulis na tumutugon kapag merong ‘bomb-threats’ sa airport.

Sinasabing experto siya sa mga bomba at pampasabog at mukhang totoo nga. Simula ng kumalat ang isyung may pulis na sasali sa isang male pageant ay lahat ay na-kyuryus. At ‘di naman sila nabigo at nagsisi sa pag-google sa kanya dahil kulang na lang malaglag ang panty ng kapuluan.

Mukhang tataas pa lalo ang crime rate sa bansa- simula ngayon.

Boyong’s Grilled Burger

   We ate at Boyong’s Grilled Burger for dinner awhile ago. We’ve been planning to eat there since last month. We got curious because every time we pass by that road, there is always a long line of people ordering. 

   We got there around 5 p.m and luckily we found a place to park (the restaurant doesn’t have a parking lot so most of the people who dine there park their cars at the side of the road). 

   The place? Nothing fancy. It feels like making “tambay” at your neighbor’s garage because you’re view is literally the road and dozens of car passing by. But I am not a picky one when it comes to environment, especially when there’s good food.

   My mom ordered Grilled Burger with Cheese. Daddy’s order was Double Burger with Cheese while I had a Half Pound Grilled Burger. We also ordered Pesto pasta with grilled chicken and two pork barbecues. 

   The food wasn’t expensive, I think the priciest one was 110 or 140 pesos for a pasta. The serving was big. The three of us shared the pesto pasta while we enjoyed the burger we ordered.

   The food was good and budget friendly. As I said “nothing fancy”. It’s all about real comfort food that everyone will enjoy. I got so full (and guilty ) that we had to do some jogging after dinner at Marikina Sports Center.

   Sadly, I don’t have photos today. I didn’t bring any gadget. Not even a cellphone. 



I don’t care what anyone says, this was the best moment on TV ever.

this is the greatest thing i’ve ever seen

This is everything

Untitled by Pseudo-hyped

Thank goodness they added Sarah Lahbati’s name on the cover of Mega’s August 2014 issue because she’s unrecognizable here- and not in a good way.

It’s 12:36 am right now and I don’t feel like ranting about the other details on this month’s cover.

I guess the title says it all: “revolve, rethink, revise”

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